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To execute a transaction with node-postgres you simply execute BEGIN / COMMIT / ROLLBACK queries yourself through a client. Because node-postgres strives to be low level and un-opinionated, it doesn't provide any higher level abstractions specifically around transactions.


You must use the same client instance for all statements within a transaction. PostgreSQL isolates a transaction to individual clients. This means if you initialize or use transactions with the pool.query method you will have problems. Do not use transactions with the pool.query method.


import { Pool } from 'pg'
const pool = new Pool()
const client = await pool.connect()
try {
  await client.query('BEGIN')
  const queryText = 'INSERT INTO users(name) VALUES($1) RETURNING id'
  const res = await client.query(queryText, ['brianc'])
  const insertPhotoText = 'INSERT INTO photos(user_id, photo_url) VALUES ($1, $2)'
  const insertPhotoValues = [res.rows[0].id, 's3.bucket.foo']
  await client.query(insertPhotoText, insertPhotoValues)
  await client.query('COMMIT')
} catch (e) {
  await client.query('ROLLBACK')
  throw e
} finally {