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To execute a transaction with node-postgres you simply execute BEGIN / COMMIT / ROLLBACK queries yourself through a client. Because node-postgres strives to be low level and un-opinionated, it doesn't provide any higher level abstractions specifically around transactions.


You must use the same client instance for all statements within a transaction. PostgreSQL isolates a transaction to individual clients. This means if you initialize or use transactions with the pool.query method you will have problems. Do not use transactions with the pool.query method.


import pg from 'pg'
const { Pool } = pg
const pool = new Pool()
const client = await pool.connect()
try {
  await client.query('BEGIN')
  const queryText = 'INSERT INTO users(name) VALUES($1) RETURNING id'
  const res = await client.query(queryText, ['brianc'])
  const insertPhotoText = 'INSERT INTO photos(user_id, photo_url) VALUES ($1, $2)'
  const insertPhotoValues = [res.rows[0].id, 's3.bucket.foo']
  await client.query(insertPhotoText, insertPhotoValues)
  await client.query('COMMIT')
} catch (e) {
  await client.query('ROLLBACK')
  throw e
} finally {