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Escapes a string as a SQL identifier.

const { escapeIdentifier } = require('pg')
const escapedIdentifier = escapeIdentifier('FooIdentifier')
console.log(escapedIdentifier) // '"FooIdentifier"'

Note: When using an identifier that is the result of this function in an operation like CREATE TABLE ${escapedIdentifier(identifier)}, the table that is created will be CASE SENSITIVE. If you use any capital letters in the escaped identifier, you must always refer to the created table like SELECT * from "MyCaseSensitiveTable"; queries like SELECT * FROM MyCaseSensitiveTable will result in a "Non-existent table" error since case information is stripped from the query.



Note: Instead of manually escaping SQL literals, it is recommended to use parameterized queries. Refer to parameterized queries and the client.query API for more information.

Escapes a string as a SQL literal.

const { escapeLiteral } = require('pg')
const escapedLiteral = escapeLiteral("hello 'world'")
console.log(escapedLiteral) // "'hello ''world'''"